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Baking history walk – A gastronomic time travel in Budapest

Péktörténeti séta

Gastronomic tourism is becoming more and more popular these days, as during a walk or tour you can not only taste delicious food, but also gain cultural and historical knowledge.

In Budapest, there are many such options to choose from, but if you want a special experience, you should take part in the program called Péktörténeti séta, which costs HUF 6,900/person, lasts 3 hours, and starts on June 8, 2024 (Saturday) at 10:00 a.m.

Péktörténeti séta

Details of the walk

The program lasts three hours and starts from Péter Zwack Square. During the walk, participants can learn about the history of the bakery and bread-making, as well as gain an insight into the world of traditional and modern bakeries.

During the walk, they visit several locations where they can meet bakers and get a glimpse of the bread-making process. The event ends at Kecskemét Street, where participants can taste various pastries.

The world of mills

The first stop of the walk is the world of old mills, where participants can learn about the history of grain grinding. Mills are an important part of human history, because without them there would be no bread. During the walk, different types of mills are presented, from water mills to windmills to modern mechanical mills.

Artisan bakeries

The second part of the walk guides the participants to the world of artisanal bakeries. Bakeries occupy a special place in gastronomy, as here bread-making becomes a real art.

Participants can learn about different types of bread and pastries and learn how these delicacies are made. In artisanal bakeries, in addition to traditional recipes and techniques, innovative solutions play a major role.

Meeting the bakers

One of the most exciting parts of the walk is meeting the bakers. Participants can get to know first-hand the everyday life and work of bakers, and get a glimpse into the secrets of bread making. The bakers tell us about traditional techniques, ingredients and tricks of bread baking. In addition, the participants also have the opportunity to try kneading and shaping bread themselves.

Tastings and experiences

During the walk, the participants will also receive a number of delicious tastings. At various locations, you can taste the best products of local bakeries, from freshly baked breads to various pastries. Tastings are not only tasty, but also help you get to know the local gastronomic culture.

The experience walk is over

The walk ends in Kecskemét Street, where participants can listen to a summary of the experience and have the opportunity to have additional tastings. This program offers an excellent opportunity to delve into the mysteries of bread making and discover Budapest’s gastronomic treasures.

If you want to learn about the history of the bakery and taste delicious pastries, don’t hesitate to take part in this special event!

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