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What do we know about food?

All our dishes are made with love and top quality products and cooked at the moment with great care, respecting their cooking and preparation times. 
Thats why we invite you to take a rest, relax, savor a good beer or wine and get ready to enjoy the BEERSTRO vibe…

Which wine does not make acid?

The world of wines is deep and diverse, like an infinitely complicated mosaic, each piece of which tells a story. As an expert on the subject, we would like to

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What types of beer are there?

Concept of beer According to the definition of the Hungarian Food Book, beer is an alcoholic drink made from malt and certain additives with water, flavored with hops and other

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What cocktails are there?

The history of cocktails goes back centuries, and their importance and popularity have constantly changed over time. According to some sources, the first cocktails appeared in the early 1800s and

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How long to cook the perfect steak?

Making a really delicious steak often turns out to be a difficult task, not only at home, but also in restaurant conditions. However, if we take into account some important

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Milyen steakek vannak?

What kind of steaks are there?

Nowadays, preparing a high-quality steak is not only a science, but also an art. In Hungary, there are many people who like eating this dish, which you can even prepare

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