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What do we know about food?

All our dishes are made with love and top quality products and cooked at the moment with great care, respecting their cooking and preparation times. 
Thats why we invite you to take a rest, relax, savor a good beer or wine and get ready to enjoy the BEERSTRO vibe…

Gastronomic adventures in Budapest in 2024

Even in 2024, Budapest awaits lovers of culinary experiences with ample gastronomic programs. The organized gastronomic tours and tastings offer a special opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the

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Borászatok Magyarországon

How many wineries operate in Hungary?

The number and diversity of Hungarian wineries is truly impressive. Small and large wineries can be found in every region of the country, which contribute to the richness of the

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Phone: +36 70 551 3599
Address: 1053 Budapest, Károlyi utca 12.

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