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Pentecost in Beerstro14 – Let’s celebrate together!

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With Pentecost approaching, Beerstro14 awaits its guests with a special and unique menu! Let’s celebrate this special occasion together with an unforgettable evening, where perfectly prepared steaks, fine beers and quality wines are guaranteed to make the holiday memorable.

Pünkösd a Beerstro14-ben

Festive atmosphere and friendly gatherings

The Pentecost holiday is not only about delicious food and drink, but also about spending time together and celebrating together with friends and family. At Beerstro14, we pay special attention to not only providing our guests with a gastronomic experience, but also to create a warm, friendly and festive atmosphere where everyone can feel at home.

Our restaurant is also an ideal location for gatherings of friends and family holidays. Whether it’s a meeting of a small group of friends or a larger family celebration, our restaurant has everything to make everyone feel good. Our spacious interiors and comfortable seating ensure that everyone fits comfortably and enjoys the evening.

Festive menu at Beerstro14

On the occasion of the Pentecost holiday, our restaurant prepares a special menu to ensure an unforgettable culinary experience for our guests. On our menu, you can find mouth-watering dishes that are made from the highest quality ingredients and combine the finest flavors with a modern twist.

The focus of our main dishes is of course perfectly prepared steaks. Our offer includes the crumbly rib-eye steak, the rump steak, or the classic sirloin steak.

In addition to all of this, there were also specialties such as grilled salmon steak, beef cheek in beef beer, Bavarian cabbage with potato spread, and cucumber salad with ginger.


A festive menu cannot be complete without desserts. Our Whitsun specialties include the fresh chocolate souffle with bourbon vanilla ice cream, ice-cold cherry sauce, or the cheesecake with raspberry pith, which gives our dear guests a truly delightful taste experience.

Wide range of drinks

We are also preparing a selection of drinks for the special Pentecost menu. In addition to refreshing beers, we offer premium wines and unique cocktails that perfectly complement the various dishes. Our colleagues are happy to help you choose the wine that best matches your meal.

Beerstro14 is the perfect place to celebrate with friends and family with an unforgettable evening. With our excellent food, special drink offers and intimate festive atmosphere, we guarantee that the evening will remain memorable.

Visit us at Károlyi street 12 and experience the magic of Pentecost in our restaurant. Don’t forget to reserve your table in time to ensure you can be a part of this special experience.

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