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Special Mother’s Day dinner and the most delicious steaks!

Különleges anyák napi vacsora

Mother’s Day is approaching, one of the most beautiful holidays of the year when we can express our love and gratitude. Celebrate this special day with us with an unforgettable dinner, where the finest steaks and the best drinks will ensure that the evening is perfect!

Különleges anyák napi vacsora

A perfect choice for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is more than just a holiday, it’s an opportunity to express our love and gratitude for the wonderful women in our lives. Beerstro14 is the perfect venue for a special Mother’s Day dinner, where the exceptional food and drink selection ensures that the celebration is worthy of this special day.

Our steaks are not just plain dishes, each piece is made from the highest quality meat, perfectly prepared to provide the most delicious flavors to those sitting at the table. In addition to the tasty steaks, we also offer carefully selected wines and beers, which will be the perfect accompaniment to the tasty dishes. The atmosphere of the restaurant also contributes to the success of the evening.

A warm, friendly environment and attentive, personalized service ensure that every mother feels special and valued on this important day. Whether you want an intimate dinner with your family or a larger gathering, we take care of every detail to make the event smooth and memorable.

You can discover our special wines and beer selection

Mother’s Day dinner is not only about the food, it is also about celebrating the gathering, the family and the time spent together. The special wines and beers in our offer are the perfect complement to the delicious food and help make the evening even more memorable.

Our wine selection stands out for its sophistication. Whether it’s white, red or rosé, each bottle has been selected to perfectly harmonize with the steaks on our menu. The carefully selected wines not only pamper the taste buds, but their stories and places of origin also provide an exciting topic of conversation at the table.

Our beer selection is also remarkable, from local craft beers to world-famous brands, everyone can find the most delicious drink for them. The varied flavors of craft beers, be they soft, creamy, fruity or intensely hoppy, go perfectly with juicy steaks and ensure that every taste experience is unique.

The combination of the restaurant’s pleasant atmosphere and excellent drinks creates the perfect environment for families to share stories and memories while toasting a glass of wine together.

How is the perfect steak made?

In our restaurant, we proudly offer specially prepared steaks, which become the decoration of the Mother’s Day table. Preparing the perfect steak is an art that requires skill and attention.

Choosing quality ingredients is the first step in preparing an excellent steak. We use only the best beef, which is carefully selected by experienced butchers. In order to ensure freshness and quality, we regularly check the meats, thus guaranteeing that every steak we serve is as delicious as possible.

Perfect seasoning is another key element of steak preparation. Our unique spice mixture, which is made based on our secret recipe, perfectly emphasizes the flavors of the meat without suppressing them.

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