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Budapest Beer Week – May 20 – 26, 2024

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As is the case with most great things, the idea of ​​the International Craft Beer Festival was born during a gathering of friends in a Budapest beer hall.

The passion for new-wave brewing, the inspiring atmosphere of international beer festivals, meetings with creative brewers and of course, the love of beer created the dream that will now come true in May 2024.

The goal is simple, yet ambitious: to show that the world of craft beers – whether we call it small-scale, new-wave or kraft – has not only reached, but has already conquered our country’s beer industry.

The organizers can proudly say that many excellent Hungarian breweries represent our country on the international stage, and they want to further strengthen this development.

In recent years, they have participated in many foreign beer festivals, where they realized to what extent the atmosphere of a city can determine the atmosphere of a festival.

Every festival has its own unique character, be it Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen, Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend or Brewskival.

This inspired them to ensure that Budapest could not be left out of this list. They would like visitors to be able to show the best and most colorful face of the city.

With the event to be held between May 20 – 26, 2024, a festival is being organized that has no equal either at home or in the region. With a ticket purchased in advance, visitors can enjoy a variety of craft beers for six hours, tapped directly from the brewers, thus building bridges between breweries, consumers and other players in the industry.

Their goal was never to organize the perfect festival, they just wanted to make the best of what their favorite festivals inspired them. In addition to the main events, there will be rich after-party programs, where the most exciting domestic and some foreign bands will take the stage, all complemented by the finest domestic craft beers.

Cooperation with Dürer Kert enables the festival venue to perfectly reflect the values ​​and quality represented. During the event, participants can not only take part in the tasting days, but they can also take part in international breweries’ tap reservations, brewery visits, “meet the brewers” events and concerts.

This week is not only for beer lovers, but offers an unforgettable experience for everyone, where we can celebrate both the diversity of craft beers and the richness of the musical palette.

The program of the festival

Tasting days

At the heart of the festival are the tasting days, where visitors can taste unlimited quantities of the most special craft beers directly from the brewers with their pre-purchased tickets.


After the programs during the day, the after parties take over the baton. Dürer Kert hosts these events, where the best domestic and some foreign bands perform.

Reservations of international breweries

During the week, various international brews will take over the taps, thus introducing themselves to the Hungarian public.

Cooking visits and meetings

Visitors have the opportunity to learn more about the art of brewing and meet the masters in person.


The music selection will be varied, from local bands to international artists, everyone can find the music style that suits them best.

Why should you come?

This festival offers a unique opportunity for visitors to delve deeper into the world of craft beer, meet the brewers, discover new flavors and participate in a community event that unites them in the love of beer. The event is a celebration of beer culture, where quality and creativity are at the center.

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