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Let’s celebrate EURO 2024 at Beerstro14

Ünnepeljük az euro 2024-et

As the EURO 2024 Football Championship approaches, the hearts of football fans are beating faster and faster. Between June 14 and July 14, Europe’s best teams will compete, and Hungary will also be represented at this prestigious event.

Ünnepeljük az euro 2024-et

Budapest conjures up a special atmosphere for these days, as it will be possible to follow the matches on giant projectors at several locations, for example on Szabadság Square. This is a great opportunity for fans to visit the Beerstro14 restaurant for a good meal or drink before or after the matches.

Why Beerstro14 is the best choice?

Beerstro14 is not only a restaurant, but also a meeting place where gastronomic experiences meet passion for sports. The restaurant awaits its guests with a wide selection, from the finest steak to the highest quality drinks. Especially for the time of the football championship, they prepare the most special offers so that every fan can find a dish and drink to their liking.

Special offers for EURO 2024

Beerstro14 is preparing for EURO 2024 with a special menu and promotions. The restaurant’s daily menu will include dishes such as grilled salmon steak, giant fried schnitzel or grilled sea bass.

In addition, desserts and special drinks cannot be left out. Beer lovers will also find what they are looking for, as they can choose from a number of domestic and international craft beers.

Giant projectors in Budapest – a community experience

EURO 2024 matches can be watched on giant projectors at several locations in Budapest. Szabadság tér, Városliget and several other locations promise football fans a special atmosphere.

These events offer a great opportunity to support your favorite teams together with friends and family members. Beerstro14 is located close to Szabadság tér, making it an ideal place for a hearty meal before or after the matches.

Community experiences at Beerstro14

Beerstro14 is worth visiting not only for the food and drinks, but also for the social experiences. The restaurant’s friendly atmosphere and excellent service make every guest feel at home.

During EURO 2024, a particular emphasis is placed on giving fans the best possible experience. In the period before and after the matches, fans can meet here for a delicious lunch and share their experiences.

Friends gatherings and family dinners

EURO 2024 is an ideal occasion for groups of friends and families to gather for a good dinner. At Beerstro14, everyone can find something to their liking, whether it’s light snacks or a hearty dinner.

Reserve a table

During EURO 2024, it is expected that there will be a lot of interest in our restaurant, so it is worth booking a table in advance. You can easily secure your place on the restaurant’s website in seconds. Don’t miss this special experience, book a table today and get ready for the unforgettable moments of EURO 2024 at Beerstro14!

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