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Gastronomy tour in the heart of Budapest – In pursuit of sweets!

Gasztrotúra Budapest szívében

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is famous for its historical sites, impressive architecture and, of course, its refined gastronomy. The city’s cultural and gastronomic diversity offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the magical world of sweets.

Gasztrotúra Budapest szívében

The gastro tour in downtown Budapest is a rare opportunity that allows participants to discover the heart of Budapest together with the art of confectionery. During the tour, the participants will not only visit the usual tourist attractions, but will also go on a special route that will lead them to the most delicious sweets in the city.

During the tasting, they will not only pamper their taste buds with a wide variety of cakes, bonbons and desserts, but also gain an insight into the traditional and modern wonders of Hungarian confectionery.

This walk is for those who want to believe that every day is a new opportunity to discover flavors and stories. They can find out who the legendary figure was, after whom Tibi’s chocolates are named, and taste the mysterious process that creates the city’s finest chocolate bonbons.

In addition, we also visit special locations where traditional recipes and modern creations meet, so the participants of the tour can learn how Hungarian confectionery combines the past and the present in the field of desserts.

The tour is not just a gastronomic adventure, but a journey during which the participants can get to know the spirit, history and cultural heritage of the city, all through the taste of sweets and cakes.

This is an experience that is guaranteed to enrich visitors’ knowledge and taste, while making unforgettable memories in the heart of Budapest.

In the footsteps of legends – Stories of Hungarian sweets

Hungary’s confectionery industry is rich and varied, the birthplace of many famous cakes, chocolates and other delicacies, behind which there are exciting stories and legends. During the Trail of Sweets, participants can not only discover this richness with their taste buds, but through the stories they can also travel back in time, getting to know the legendary figures and events that shaped the Hungarian sweets culture.

Bonbons – Crafting and Secrets

During the tour, the participants also visit places where the most delicious chocolate candies are made. You can get to know the work of chocolatiers, who conjure up not only flavors, but also shapes and colors.

The masters behind the hottest chocolates in Budapest will share with the participants the inspirations and secret ingredients behind the perfect taste. At this point, tour participants gain an insight into what makes chocolate bonbons so special, which has made them famous far and wide.

Old recipes, new generations

The history of Hungarian sweets does not stop in the past. During the tour, the modern confectioners who reinterpret old recipes to create new flavors and shapes, combining tradition and innovation, will also be introduced.

Participants can learn how the past inspires the confectioners of the present and how they create new traditions that may become legends of the future. The tour is not only a tasting tour, but also a journey through time, during which the participants can get to know the stories and people who shaped the Hungarian confectionery culture.

Don’t miss it – Join the Budapest adventure

For lovers of sweets and adventure, this is a unique opportunity to take part in a truly special event: a gastronomic tour that explores the finest flavors and stories of Budapest. But how can you join the urban adventure that leads to the trail of sweets? The tour will take place in Budapest on April 20, 2024 and will last approximately three hours, giving you plenty of time to explore, taste and enjoy every moment.

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