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What wine goes with fish?

Milyen bor illik a halhoz

When choosing a wine to go with fish dishes, many people automatically turn to white wines, which is no accident. The freshness, fruitiness and acidity of the white wines harmoniously complement the delicate, often restrained taste of the fish. However, the choice of wine depends not only on the type of food, but also on its preparation method, seasoning and accompanying side dishes.

Milyen bor illik a halhoz

The basis for pairing fish and wines is that the selected wine complements the taste of the food, rather than overpowering it. White wines, such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or Pinot Grigio, usually go well with fish, as these wines are clean, fresh, and often fruity, which do not take away from the flavor of the food.

Types of fish and their matching wines

White-fleshed fish: These fish, like cod or tilapia, tend to have a milder flavor, so they pair well with light, acidic wines like Pinot Grigio. These wines do not suppress the delicate taste of the fish, but rather highlight it.

Fatty fish: For salmon, herring or mackerel, which have a more intense flavor, we can choose fuller-bodied white wines, such as a richer Chardonnay. With their body, these wines are able to hold their own even with tastier fish.

Spicy or strongly flavored fish dishes: Here, more characterful, possibly sweeter wines, such as Riesling or Gewürztraminer, are now given space, which can be well balanced with spices and intense flavors.

When should we choose red wine for fish?

According to traditional ideas, white wines are mostly recommended for fish dishes, but there are exceptional cases when red wine can also be an excellent choice.

These occasions depend on the type of fish, the preparation method and the seasoning. Taking into account these exceptions, we can experiment more boldly in the field of wine selection, discovering new taste harmonies.

Choosing the right red wine

Milder, less tannic red wines: Certain red wines, such as Pinot Noir or Gamay, go well with fish dishes due to their lower tannin content and fruity notes. These wines harmonize particularly well with grilled or fried fish, where the flavor of the fish is stronger and more characteristic.

Oily, intensely flavored fish: Due to their rich, oily texture, mackerel, sardines, and herring can also be paired well with some red wines. In this case, a medium-bodied red wine such as Grenache or a light Syrah can offer a pleasant counterpoint to the intense flavors of the fish.

Spicy or Asian-style fish dishes: When fish dishes are prepared using strong spices, such as chili, ginger or curry, a red wine with spicy notes, such as Zinfandel, can complement the taste of the dish.​​

What should be considered?

Tannin content: Red wines with a high tannin content are often not recommended for fish, as their flavor can dominate the dish, especially with more delicate-tasting fish. Look for a red wine with a lower tannin level so it doesn’t overpower the flavor of the fish.

Acidity: Acidic wines can help bring out the flavor of fish, especially if lemon or vinegar is included in the dish. A well-balanced, acidic red wine can add much-needed freshness to food.

Personal taste: While there are general guidelines, the most important thing is to consider your own taste and that of your guests. Feel free to experiment with different wines to find the pairings that you like best.

By choosing red wine for fish dishes, let’s boldly go beyond the traditional rules and discover the exciting world of new flavor combinations. The combination of delicious food and well-chosen wine can provide an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Fish dishes with special wines – Champagnes and rosés

Champagnes and rosé wines are extremely versatile when looking for accompaniments to fish dishes. These wines are not only a perfect choice for holidays, but can also enhance a delicious seafood dinner or an elegant fish dish at any time.

Champagnes – Luxury with every bite

Champagne and other quality sparkling wines such as Champagne, Prosecco or Cava go well with most fish dishes. Champagnes, with their typically high acidity and fine bubbles, provide a refreshing counterbalance to the richness of seafood.

Oysters and champagne: The combination of oysters and champagne is a classic. The acidity and fine bubbles of the champagne perfectly complement the slightly salty taste of the oysters.

Salmon and Champagne: An elegant, complex Champagne is recommended alongside the rich, oily salmon, which can offset the fatty texture of the fish.​​

Rosé wines – Not just for summer

Due to their freshness, fruitiness and elegance, rosé wines can be widely used with fish dishes. These wines are famous for maintaining their lightness and yet possessing enough character to hold their own against stronger flavors.

Grilled fish and rosé: Grilled seafood, such as tuna or dorado, pairs well with fruity but structured rosés. These wines highlight the flavors brought on by grilling, while providing a refreshing effect.

Spicy fish dishes and aromatic rosé: If the fish dish is accompanied by spicy, Asian seasoning, choose an aromatic, fruity rosé that can harmonize with the bolder flavors of the food.

Creating perfect pairings

Temperature: Both champagne and rosé should be served chilled, which is especially good in the summer heat and enhances the freshness of the food.

Taste harmony: We should always strive to harmonize the character of the wine with the taste of the food. The delicate elegance of champagne and the fruitiness of rosé allow us to experiment extensively with different flavor combinations.

Champagnes and rosé wines are thus not only excellent companions for fish dishes, but can also enhance the dining experience, making them an ideal choice for any occasion.

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